Takeshi Miyakawa loves New York. At about 2:00 AM on Sunday, he intended to celebrate that love in an art installation made of plastic “I ♥ NY” bags illuminated from within by LED lights and slung from lampposts and trees in Williamsburg. Instead, he was arrested for reckless endangerment after a number of neighbors called the bomb squad with reports of “a suspicious package attached to a tree.” Cops found Miyakawa on a ladder with “an assembly consisting of a plastic box containing wires which was connected by wire to a plastic bag containing a battery suspended from a metal rod,” according to reports. Louis Lim, a friend of the artist, insists, “He wanted to promote a positive message. He wasn’t trying to scare anyone.” Miyakawa is being held pending a psychological exam. His lawyer, Deborah J. Blum said “I believe this was a gross misunderstanding.” (Photo: DesignBoom)