In this morning’s nerd news, we have Brooklyn-based artist Henry Hargeaves’ delicious-repulsive photos of gadgets covered in batter and deep-fried in a vat of oil. “I see a connection between tech and fast food culture: both are fetishized, quickly consumed, then discarded,” Hargreaves tells Wired, and it’s a good point. But I can’t help it if I just really want to pop those crispy fried ear buds in my mouth. The iPod, staged with a morning cup of coffee and wrapped in wax paper, looks like a really satisfying breakfast. (I imagine it tasting like those McDonald’s hash brown bricks.) Lucky for me, if I were to dig into that Gameboy, it wouldn’t be all wires and circuits stuck in my craw. “I recreated the gadgets from foam core,” says Hargreaves. “My pockets aren’t deep enough to sacrifice all that stuff for fun.” Looks like a well-balanced meal to me.