Phillip Stearns takes digital cameras apart and futzes around with their guts to create purposeful glitches he calls the “dreams” of the gadgets. Many of his images are really quite lovely, and he’s taking what he’s learned and exploring new mediums. Namely: blankets. Stearns has launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of getting together enough scratch to last him his residency in the Netherland’s TextielLab, where he will be weaving and screen printing these images of the digital subconscious onto blankets and sheets—and maybe, if I’m lucky, dresses. As Stearns puts it, the fabric is “layered with irony: a digital photographic image, made with an intentionally broken (rewired) camera, is mechanically woven or knit into a photoblanket. In this project, a keepsake for cherishing one’s memories now becomes a platform for fashioning corrupted memory, the cold logic of digital systems into soft, warm blankets.” The whole project has a number of sort of science fiction-y undertones, and I think it’s pretty neat.