Bike lanes are great, as long as everyone on the road respects their purpose. All too often, motorists will double park in lanes or outright ignore them as they drive, making it dangerous for bikes to pass. Ian Dutton, a Prospect Heights cyclist, was fed up with the problem in his neighborhood and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Local police make a habit of parking in the bike lane on Bergen Street in front of the 78th Precinct stationhouse, so Dutton created an impromptu barrier around the lane using a dozen traffic barriers. Local cyclists cheered the development, citing a lack of consideration for bike lanes by the cops. “I respect what the bike lane vigilante did,” cyclist Stephen Arthur told the Brooklyn Paper. “It seems like the police might be under-educated about what the purpose of that bike lane is.”

An NYPD spokesman said that police only use the lane when there’s no other option. “It could be because a prisoner needs to be taken in or a stray dog needs to be transported,” he told the paper, to which one commenter had this to say: “There is always another option. It is called FINDING A SPOT.”

(Photo: Jeffrey Pott/Flickr)