Remember when the internet was abuzz about Obama’s home-brewed White House beer? Well, a few weeks ago, the President released the recipe to the White House Honey Ale–complete with honey tapped from the beehive on the White House’s South Lawn–so that enterprising amateurs could recreate the recipe at home. And now, the New York Times’ “Diner’s Journal” food blog has enlisted the help of Brooklyn Brewery head brewmaster Garrett Oliver to create a batch of the ale for themselves. If you’re into dry, technical descriptions of how beer is made, head to Oliver’s column for regular updates on the process (the latest of which was posted today and details the bottling process).

According to “Diner’s Journal,” the beer is being made so that staffers can “sample” and “size it up,” but I kind of wish Brooklyn Brewery would bottle and sell it when it’s finished. And I still think it should have been called “Audacity of Hops.”

(Photo: Katy Watts/Flickr)