Brooklyn Bridge Bombed for the First Time In Over a Decade

The Brooklyn Bridge was enhanced on Tuesday night… with graffiti. Website 12ozProphet first reported the incident, naming notorious vandal (and sometimes wearer of funny disguises) LEWY of the equally infamous BTM crew as the perpetrator. ANIMAL contacted New York City’s Department of Transportation and a spokesperson dryly confirmed the unsanctioned fill-ins on the Manhattan tower of the iconic span and said that it’s been buffed: “Graffiti at this location was removed.”

The storied spot was first made famous by graffiti brothers SANE and SMITH in 1988, the latter of whom apparently didn’t think it would be such a big deal. More than a decade later, Dash Snow aka SACE and YEAR hit the same location, leaving a heartfelt note for then-Mayor Rudy Guliani, making it ripe for another writer sometime in 2024. (Photo: 12ozProphet)