Theater can be an amazing thing! But it can also be really boring, sometimes. Booze, on the other hand, is pretty great always. Heeding that, Brooklyn theater company UglyRhino ensures potentially snoozy plays are always spicy and interesting by pursuing the most obvious and effective route: turning an evening of short theater into one long drinking game.

Over an evening of six 10-minute plays at Park Slope’s Brooklyn Lyceum, UglyRhino players give cues for audience members to drink up. “We program it so the one you want to be more toasted for is at the end of the night,” said Bryce Norbitz, executive producer of the company. “We want people to end in a good mood and stick around.”

The drinking game is just one part of UglyRhino’s M.O., which includes all sorts of ways of injecting alcohol and revelry into an evening of stodgy theater. August 15-31, the company is hosting a “micro-season” of two plays–an adaptation of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening and a “glam-rock musical” called GLAMDROMEDA. Tickets run $18 and include entrance to the two plays, a concert, drinks, and an afterparty.

(Photo: xlibber/Flickr)