Last weekend, I heard tell that there was a moped rally happening in Brooklyn. A friend said she was riding her moped down from Albany to participate. I have to admit, I thought the whole thing was some kind of a joke. That’s a three-hour drive––on a moped.

But no! Check out this video of the Mission 23 moped rally in our very own Brooklyn, New York. Looks like Ryan Piccirillo here strapped a Go-Pro camera to his handlebars to capture every nail-biting second of his day with a few dozen other scooter enthusiasts as they zipped around Gotham like a swarm of buzzing wasps. I can’t imagine what I would do if I were driving on the Queensboro Bridge and this group pulled up alongside me. At least in this video, no SUVs treated them like bowling pins. I don’t know that it’s legal to take those things on a bridge (at least, it wasn’t when I really wanted to go to prom on a moped), and I don’t know if it should be. But I guess these cats look pretty badass. You know, in a moped way.