The process of shaming criminals–especially shoplifters–by placing their picture in a public place, is nothing new. But Fort Greene grocer Daniel Lee is taking it to the next level, by posting security footage of thieves on his website’s Hall of Shame.

Lee, who runs the 24-hour spot Fresh Garden on Fulton Street, believes that by spreading the images around, he’ll deter shoplifters from coming again. And according to him, it’s working: stealing has been cut in half since he’s been using the site and posting warning signs around the store. But he also says he’s willing to communicate with the perps and remove photos if they admit to their crime.

Vigilante justice is a tricky thing, but if Lee really has footage of these people stealing from him, I’d say he’s within his right. “We’re not doing this to say, ‘Hey this person is bad,’” Lee told the Brooklyn Paper. “Every business owner’s goal is to try and reduce the amount of theft; this works as a deterrent.”

(Photo: Fresh Garden)