Erica, the subject of a forthcoming documentary called What’s Revenge, has dealt with some shitty guys in her life. In the film’s teaser, she recalls a situation in which a male coworker harassed her through an entire business trip, telling strange men she was a prostitute and forcing her to spread her legs and climb over him to get to the bathroom on the plane. When she and the coworker returned home, she was promptly fired.

Kat Hunt, Erica’s friend and director of What’s Revenge, wants to help her exact retribution–but more than that, she wants to examine the very idea of revenge. In the documentary, she and Erica will find the men that have mistreated Erica in the past and unleash some kind of yet-to-be-determined vengeance upon them, all while documenting and examining the results.

“What does revenge really feel like?” reads the film’s Kickstarter page. “What happens next? Catharsis? A new perspective? Closure? Maybe all of it. Maybe nothing.”

“Basically our mode is to try to have the person who we’re getting revenge on feel like Erica felt–to try to replicate that feeling,” Hunt says. “As a filmmaking team, we’re interested in surrealism, so as we’re designing these vengeances, we try to incorporate elements that would throw the person off and make them feel like they’re not in the place or world that they’re used to being in.”

Though the team does plan to get revenge in a very real way, Hunt insists they aren’t out to do bodily harm. “You could say we’re harsh,” she says, “but we’re not going to destroy anyone’s home or anything like that.”

Hunt and Erica have been friends since college, and went Hunt presented the idea to Erica, she was immediately on board. “Even when there are periods when I’m like, ‘Oh, god. This is harsh,’ she’s like ‘No, we have to do it,’ says Hunt. “She always surprises me, and she continues to surprise me to this day.”

If the idea of a surrealistic documentary-cum-revenge-flick is up your alley–and if it isn’t, I don’t think I want to know you–head to the What’s Revenge Kickstarter Page. There’s a week of funding left, and the project is about halfway to reaching its $11,850 goal.