A new report shows that Brooklyn residents are far more generous with their wallets than they are with their votes, and that  lower income residents are the most likely to give to charity. The study, conducted by the Brooklyn Community Foundation, admirably aims to collect enough data to provide analysis of the borough that goes “beyond the sentimental reflections of old Brooklyn and the hipster branding of new Brooklyn.”

Only half of Kings County’s residents voted in the last presidential election, according to the report–compared to over 60 percent nationally–but residents gave more than $1 billion to charity that year, more than any other borough. Dishearteningly, but not surprisingly, residents of Brooklyn’s wealthier neighborhoods–Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope, for example–were far more likely to donate to political campaigns than they were to charities. Sunset Park’s residents proved to be the most apathetic of all–donating little, voting less, and making the least amount of 311 complaints.

(Photo: Keith Ivey/Flickr)