Spanish artist Alfonso Batalla’s A Dolphin For Damien — not be confused with a jar of testicles for Damien — pays tribute to The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Part of the “Landscape Under Construction” series, Batalla’s photographs turn urban decay into art installations. An hommage to Hirst is as simple as 1… blow… 2… blow… 3.

Wait, actually, it’s even easier. He tells DesignBoom, it’s “a new, ordinary, shiny element many times related to our childhood is digitally inserted” into a “decaying architectural environmentThis has something to do with Hegel/Heideger philosophical concepts. In a simple explication we, human beings, live usually in a ‘being there’ status. We are happy, or sad, with our jobs, properties, family… from time to time we feel a kind of distress, anguish, and we start to realize what we are. We might call this condition ‘being oneself’.”

Ah, the ol’ existential crisis. Stop thinking about yourself so much! How about… that David Černý tribute?