My, has artist David Livingston’s prop penis grown for some reason. Previously spotted out at the New Museum in 2010, The Worm is back, as seen in this clip of him hauling the felt phallus through the rain-soaked streets, all casual-like, himself clad in businessman drag. No one seems too surprised.

So, what’s with the stripes? We can only assume that the “hand-sewn wool and silk business suit fabric” material of this Big Dick incarnation is significant. So must be the final destination of the dramatic unfurling, it dangling down the Supreme Court steps. Is the artist’s yuppie alter-ego taunting authority with his massive flaccidness tucked into his pants? Some sort of metaphorical na-na-na-na-na-na commenting on the financial crisis and the legal infallibility of its suited villains?

Stop thinking so hard and enjoy the absurdism.