Here’s a Kiss “mural” that Kurt Cobain drew with Sharpie markers he shoplifted from a Thriftway grocery store in Montesano Washington. Yours from eBay for just $14,000! Also, it comes with a “MELVAN.”

Do not be fooled. The Melvins’ notorious tour van may appear as a vehicle in likeness, but the 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal’s odometer “shows 12,000 and some change” and “has been over more than once.” It was last driven in 1998. Its plates expired in April 1994. But, hey, it’s moldy with some serious music history and it smells like teen Kurt Cobain.

…better known as the “MELVAN” Featured in many books, Cobain Unseen, Come As You Are ETC. & Many NIRVANA documentary films. This is a very unique piece of MEVINS/NIRVANA history & truly one of a kind… This was one of the first MELVINS tour vans & was used on at least one U.S. tour. Kurt himself was often times known to drive this van to local shows…

So forth and etc. Better snag it before Courtney Love snags it and licenses it to Super Mario Kart or something.