Ralph’s, a longtime Fort Greene establishment, had everything you could possibly want out of a local bodega: neighborly service, fresh cuts of deli meat, and copious amounts of drugs. And for some reason, NYPD officers saw it right to ruin that for everybody. Ralph Jawad, the proprietor of the shop, was arrested last Thursday on drug and gun charges after undercover policemen bought weed from the store. Narcotics officers then found nearly 500 pills, which appeared to include oxycodone, valium, and morphine, and two loaded handguns–which Jawad’s family members say were purchased after an unreported holdup at the bodega.

Locals were devastated. “If he didn’t have something, he’d get it and in a big size,” said Mark McNeill, a shop regular, reminiscing over good times with Jawad. “I just hope God has him and he brings him right back to us.”

(Photo: Scott Beale/Flickr)