Michael Comeau of Brooklyn lost his camera and with it, 581 photos on a memory card, in the Adirondacks three years ago. He should be getting it back any day now.

Comeau had surely written off the gadget as missing forever, but fate had other ideas: Vermont’s John Noerr found the beaten up, rusted camera while hiking near Pharaoh Lake last month. Instead of ignoring it or celebrating his score, Noerr took it home and studied the nearly 600 photos in an attempt to find the camera’s owner. He recognized New York City, he made out house numbers and street signs, and thus found the neighborhood in Brooklyn it seemed likely the camera belonged to. He then scouted out tax records to find the owner of the building, and used Facebook and Twitter to find the family. Nothing like an exceptionally good Good Samaritan to make you feel like a jerk. (Photo: Blur Dot/Flickr)