The black market cardboard business is booming. That’s right. There are shameless criminals who walk these streets, just waiting for you to leave your discarded boxes unattended, so they can swoop down and and make off with your cardboard and a profit. And profits are good.

The Corrugated Criminals sweep neighborhoods before official waste-removal personnel, who are approved by the Business Integrity Commission, can take cardboard away to be recycled legally, and not by China.

“It may sound like a tedious way to earn a living, but it’s quite suitable for folks who like a good workout and fast payouts,” The Atlantic reports. Illicit cardboard pirates (henceforth known as ICP, because why not) can flip a ton of cardboard for about $100 dollars, which is “fairly good”.

So if you’re really, really strong, have a big old truck available, and don’t mind being aggressively hunted by the NYPD, maybe now’s a good time to start baling cardboard. Or maybe stake out the Next Big Thing. Like pigeon feathers.

(Photo: TaylorB90/Flickr)