Many residents of Brooklyn’s wealthy Carroll Gardens neighborhood have been strongly opposed to the long-planned opening of a homeless shelter at 165 West 9th Street, and have successfully stalled its progress so far. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, however, plans to bring the shelter into operation are going forward–at least temporarily.

170 homeless veterans who have been displaced from housing in Queens began moving into the building last night, and for now, neighbors seem to be understanding–though they’re still hoping they don’t have to deal with what Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan called “a tiny bit of reality [creeping] into their well-maintained fortresses of gentrification” for long.

“I hope that doesn’t mean a final decision has been made,” said one resident. “Now it’s just happening without any other input from the community.” According to another, “It’s going to definitely increase crime rates, reduce safety, and┬áreduce the value of the neighborhood.”

(Flickr: rduta/Flickr)