This Unreal Estate serigraph series by Austin-based artist Tim Doyle takes you to Moe’s, the Seinfeld diner and all other “locations” you’ve been going to for decades, but not really. Or yes, really. Don’t pretend that these works with their bold hues and heavy, comic-book lines don’t conjure up a chummy feeling of familiarity. “These places are in our memories transmitted and entrenched there through a cathode-ray tube,” from the time you zombied out in front of your parents’ rickety television circa Simpsons’ first season, to the time you… zombied out in front of your Megaupload stream of the Simpsons’ fifteenth season. Ah, life, huh? “Unreal Estate,” Tim Doyle, Feb 2 – Feb 23, Spoke Art Gallery, San Francisco.