“DroneScape is an homage to the landscape of oscillations New Yorkers move through every day,” says Canal Street’s Clocktower Gallery of its new installation by New York-based sound artist Peter Edwards. “As every ventilation system, jackhammer, car alarm or revving engine we encounter possesses its own unique drone.”

Edwards, who performs and creates circuit-bent instruments as Casperelectronics, is artist-in-residence at the gallery¬†until September 7. The DroneScapes installation consists of ten units called “NovaDrones” that generate sound based on input from environmental factors like light, ambient noise, and the placement of other objects around them. As such, as visitors walk through the installation, the soundscape will react and change, much like the noises we encounter every day walking through the city.

Casperelectronics is something of a legend in the circuit-bending community–his pieces have been used by Danny Elfman, Mike Patton, and Rahzel, among others–and this will be his last U.S. performance before he permanently decamps to Amsterdam. It will the run for the duration of his residency.

(Photo: Tango McEffrie/Flickr)