Community Board 1 unanimously voted last night that the NYPD’s best tool for arbitrarily and indiscriminately restricting public space – their barricades – must go. When Occupy Wall Street began on September 17th, police erected barricades around the Wall Street bull. They never left, but now, well, they have to.

According to DNAInfo, Ro Sheffe, the committee’s chairman said, “We’re concerned about pedestrian safety, because the barricades push people out into the street. We’re asking that the security measures be mitigated.”

Arthur Piccolo, the chairman of the Bowling Green Association, who has been outspoken on this issue in the past, agreed that the police are the ones who have made things dangerous. “The police have created a dangerous situation. We’re going to have a tragedy here. It’s a chaotic, unreasonable situation.”

Couldn’t agree more.