It’s So Important to Seem Wonderful: CGI Stand-Up

This is the only way I want to see stand-up comedy from now on.

If you liked the Death Grips’ cosmic super-phallus contribtion to MoCA-TV’s YouTube channel we’ve been rooting for, stay tuned. Here’s a new piece from New York artist Casey Jane Ellison from the video series IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO SEEM WONDERFUL.

She is an animator herself and the founder of the ABOVEGROUND ANIMATION collective which includes SSION, exhibits some of the most creative, bizzare, cohesively curated 3D-influenced video work and was recently showcased at the New Museum, woop woop!

Casey Jane Ellison also does stand-up. After her recent group show at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, Casey did stand-up.

This is Casey’s stand-up as performed by her computer model with her face and body in a vacuum, stripped of the laughing track. This is still very much pure Casey but in the spirit of “Objectification of her self, her material, her ideas, her lifestyle, her insecurities are available for public judgment. She is protected and made vulnerable by her own disclosure and displacement. She aspires to seem wonderful as evidenced by the work.”

This is one of her videos from VFiles. Wonderful.