Since Disney is re-releasing “Cinderella” in the summer on DVD for the kids, designer Christian Louboutin is redesigning the glass slipper for the headlines, to be presented separately. That translucent shoe was kind of risque for 1950, wasn’t it? I see harlot toes!

Here’s your chance, Louboutin. Rewrite this terrible, terrible fairy tale. Turn that little symbol of medieval patriarchy into something else. Make it the kinkiest shoe ever, step up from than Louboutin David Lynch Fetish 20-inch-heel collaboration ArtInfo points at. Instead of the prince looking for that little poor girl with the daintiest, most child-like foot to repossess and sugar-daddy, make it about two on a mission to find “the one” with their most preferred kink.

Or not. Keeping teaching the kids the classic rubbish.