Cindy Sherman is back. Here’re her freshest impersonations, or rather, “effigies.” Take this fresh portrait: Cindy Sherman is Hugh Hefner, or as Jerry Saltz says, “Hugh Hefner-esque… foppish macho pageant-master… lounge-lizard gigolo lowlife… shrunken-self pretty boy without sexual scent.” Sounds, looks and feels about right. Also: Gaga, Snookie, sort of, but truer — the essence of. This is cosplay for Platonic forms! Perhaps the most remarkable shot is Cindy as Herself, sans make-up, wigs and facial locutions. The photographer as tabula rasa — blank, translucent, riddled with metaphysical tracks from decades of drag. See Cindy reign at her retrospective: Cindy Sherman, Feb 26 – Jun 11, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC