She’s out there! On an episode of This American Life, Ira Glass and Etgar Keret recall going to the Cindy Sherman retrospective at the MoMA and being approached by a 50-year-old lady in glasses claiming to be Cindy Sherman herself, undercover.

Since they’re surrounded by large portraits of Cindy dressed up as everything from a goth minx to a Renaissance Madonna flashing prop mammary, they knew her range. They so wanted to fall for it, that a famous photographer ws slinking around her exhibit in disguise, cruising for reactions. Until “Cindy” admitted she wasn’t Cindy. Aw. They call the real Cindy to confirm:

Not at all. Oh my god. But I’d love to know who she is or– I mean– if this person really comes every day. Or I mean I’ve just vaguely fantasized about being in the exhibit while the public’s there. But then what always sort of complete turned me off of it is any particular moment that somebody would suddenly realize it was me– that would just freak me out.

But wouldn’t she deny it, if it were true?

I mean she should do it more often. Yeah. What would be funny is if more people were going around, pretending.

San Francisco “Cindy,” your turn.