City Cancels Yearly Longboarding Race, Sort Of

10.19.12 Andy Cush

Every year since 2002, hundreds of longboarders have taken over Broadway for one day, racing from 116th Street all the way down to Bowling Green. The 2012 race, which was scheduled for this Saturday and was expected to draw some 2,000 boarders, has just been officially cancelled, after the city successfully filed a temporary restraining order against the group running the race.

The Broadway Bomb has operated without a permit each year, simply operating around–and often completely stopping—Broadway’s traffic. Now, the city is arguing that the race is unsafe, and that organizers must obtain a parade permit if they’d like to continue. “It is imperative that people abide by the city’s parade permitting requirements, especially in a race of this nature,” said Christina Hoggan, the city’s attorney, in a statement. “It enables the New York City Police Department not only to ensure the safety of the race participants, but of the public at large.”

But it seems that NYC’s longboarders aren’t going down so easy. Though Ian Nichols, Broadway Bomb’s primary architect, is officially relinquishing all connection to the race, other organizers are urging riders to unofficially turn out  at noon on Saturday anyway, despite the restraining order.

(Photo: Karl Stanton/Flickr)