City Council Speaker Quinn Wants Lone NYC Chick-fil-A To GTFO

07.30.12 David Lumb

Christine Quinn wants the only Chick-fil-A in the five boroughs to leave. Following Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s vitriolic un-wecloming of the chicken chain (which he’s half-assedly backpedaled from; lame!), the NYC council speaker launched a petition last Saturday declaring the chain “not welcome in the city, as long as the fast food chain’s leaders continue to espouse anti-gay marriage views.” For the record, the city’s lone Chick-fil-A (delicious as their menu may be) has been getting flak and protests for months, although the 11,000 signatures gathered by freshman Hillary Dworkoski was not enough to convince NYU’s student council to condemn the chain.

Quinn stood beside Mayor Bloomberg last week on the one-year anniversary of the state’s Marriage Equality Act, as much for her office as being the first openly gay city council speaker. She married her partner last May, which Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo attended. As Metro notes, Quinn’s criticism is notable as she is a strong contender to follow Bloomberg as mayor.

(Photo: Ecstatic Mark/Flickr)