Jacob Stevens, 35, lost his wife to a car accident involving a drunk, unlicensed driver last year. She died the next day, and, according to the Daily News, because the police didn’t respond to the scene immediately, crucial evidence was lost.

Now, Stevens is among the backers of a new City Council package of bills that would designate five dedicated accident investigation officers in each precinct and encourage police to immediately investigate any accidents in which someone is injured. Though state law mandates that police investigate all accidents in which a serious injury occurs, the NYPD admits to only responding when a fatality is likely.

“In the city of New York what we’re telling you is you can be a reckless driver, you can be a drunk driver, you can be an unlicensed driver, you can mow people over — nothing going to happen to you,” said Councilman David Greenfield, a sponsor of the bill. This legislation, if it passes, would change that.

(Photo: enric archivell/Flickr)