In one of the more unusual collaborations between the graffiti world and a commercial industry, here’s the NASCAR truck with custom graphics by famed New York City vandal turned legit designer CLAW Money. It was created in partnership with protective gear maker Alpinestars to help raise awareness for breast cancer. The livery will adorn notorious racer Nelson Piquet Jr.’s Chevy Silverado on October 6 at the Talladega Superspeedway. Additionally, CLAW designed a race suit and limited edition t-shirts that will be auctioned off through E-bay Giving Works along with a 1/24th scale die cast model of the truck — as well as the full size hood from the #30 vehicle — following the race. All proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

As divergent as graffiti and NASCAR appear to be, CLAW sees a closer relationship. “NASCAR and graffiti share a great deal more than you might think,” said CLAW to ANIMAL. “Firstly, they’re both uniquely American pursuits that emerged from an outlaw ethos. Secondly, they’re both all about branding.”

And apparently that’s not all they share in common. “Much like in graffiti, NASCAR employs a vivid and direct style to communicate it’s message and promote its sponsors, and has innovated by employing multiple mediums and using unorthodox placements.”