“A brush stroke done with screaming is very different from a normal one… The effect of the screams is recorded with the brush strokes.”

First, file this under “WTF.” Hear his wrenching screams. See him tuck a guttural grunt under each paint swatch. This is Yellow Scream in progress.

Now re-file this under “conceptual art.” This deadpan, dramatic video from Korean artist Kim Beom has just started floating around with no explanation. But he’s a legit artist and so, we bring you, the full 31-minute opus, recently acquired by the Walker Art Center.

Can you tell a difference between  “a long scream that sounds like when you’re hurt, as if someone yanked your arm behind you or pulled you by the hair,” “a scream induced by psychological pain” and “a more pained, wronged, and regretful scream” just by looking at it?