Climate Change May Raise Sea Level, Give Storms Beachhead to Ruin Transportation

06.01.12 David Lumb

We at ANIMAL are more excited for gathering storms than dreaming of early retirement on the coast, but we might just get a shot at new beachside real estate as New York City’s sea level is anticipated to rise 13 inches by 2050. Which is also exciting if you’re looking for ammunition to denounce global warming deniers and blissfully ignore the horrendous devastation a massive storm will deal to The City. But even our most advanced global warming simulators ignore the worst logistical casualty – hint, it involves the three sea-level international airports, the sprawling network of metal peoplemovers tubing under the city, and other NYC subterranea. The Forbes article decrypting last month’s Climate Central report doesn’t just terrify with its predictions of a subway network flooded within 40 minutes of a major storm landing in the city – there are actually a few solutions to our debacle, says the mayor’s office, like manufactured wetlands to run wave interference and “surge barriers” that would partially/totally cut off parts of New York Harbor. All better strategies than migrating the citizenry to Mexico.

(Photo: Gizmodo)