Ishac Bertran’s project Code Poems has finally hatched into a tangible entity of a book. It’s some sort of amazing. See, programming is a language like any with “its own rules (syntax) and meaning (semantics).” Swap out protocols with words for the sake of creative expression — within the syntax and semantics of code — and… viola! Poetry. But is it good?

I’m not sure. My C++, HTML, C#, SQL, Objective C, Applescript and Java knowledge is basic at best and likely shamefully meager. The html poem? I get that.

I’ve always been jealous of programmer buds, like some people do of Japanese and German speakers, but more so. They express the same disdain with me as I do with people who refuse to try to understand conceptual art. But then, when things get rowdy at gatherings I end up stuck among them trying to comprehend demoscene and how a random-seeming jumble of characters makes this shit happen through code only, trying, grumbling, raging quietly.

Anyway, hats off to you. I wish I spoke your language better so I could snark about the intellectual vigor of your metaphors or something. Superficially, it looks like self-referencial meta-poetry to me. Hopefully, the poetics will achieve full potential and complexity and not just relish “C:/DOS C:/DOS/RUN RUN/DOS/RUN” level of hehehes. But the fuck I know…