Just like Afghanistan, Colombia is a market leader in the production of illicit drugs that people love to take. And they have other things in common too. Similar to Afghanistan’s monopoly on opium/heroin, Colombia has the cocaine game on lock and 90% of the blow that reaches U.S. shores comes from the South American nation. But according to Bloomberg News, they’re done playing around:

“The government wants to push production of the narcotic down by 25 tons to about 320 tons this year while shrinking the area where rebels and crime organizations grow coca leaves, the main ingredient in cocaine.”

A whole 25 tons? How are the citizens of the world going to get by with only 320 tons (640,000 pounds) of cocaine for 2012? Something tells me that New York City, where the price hasn’t fluctuated for years despite high profile busts and Drug War efforts, will weather this storm just fine.

Side note: Isn’t it interesting that the U.S. has tons of military assets in both Afghanistan and Colombia and yet both these countries are global suppliers of narcotics? I wonder if there’s a connection.

(Photo: Nick Leonard/Flickr)