ANIMAL dropped by Columbus Circle to see Tatzu Nishi’s newest project being built. Upon completion, Discover Columbus will engulf the 13-foot-tall Columbus state inside a site-specific installation that looks just like a well-furnished living room, even during Columbus Day, Oct. 8. Outside, it will look like a little hut on atop a scaffold, as per Tatzu Nishi’s signature style.

Opening September 20, the free public installation is expecting 100,000 visitors to come inside and pretend that the uncanny living room wasn’t built around the statue, but that the statue just sprouted out of the floor of the room. Your room, big shot. It shall be pretty swank–with couches, tables and other domestic trimmings. There’ll even be a television. Columbus can watch the Columbus Day Parade and never miss a thing.

(Photo: David Lumb/ANIMALNewYork)