When Christopher Columbus stumbled upon some islands in search for a quicker trade route to India, he “discovered” an already populated North America. So, in that sense, ANIMAL discovered this: While we were busy, Tatzu Nishi’s Discovering Columbus has already opened to the press and has been already pretty well covered, but we are taking credit damn it.

Nishi’s trademark is altering the space around landmarks and statues, often to synthesize an intimate setting. ForDiscovering Columbus, he built a faux living room (complete with chairs, a rug, a flat screen TV—the works) all the way up around the 75-foot high marble statue. The proud looking Columbus was originally made in 1892 to mark the 400-year anniversary of his voyage by some Italian sculptor you haven’t heard of.

The surreal piece will be on display up six flights of stair until November 18th. (Images: DesignBoom)