As if their bungled handling of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath wasn’t enough, Con Ed is now going after murder victims over unpaid bills. Bay Ridge shopkeeper Mohammed Gebli was killed by serial killer Salvatore Perrone in July, and after that, his store became an active crime scene, during which time his family was unable to get in and turn off the lights. By the time police handed the keys back to them in September, electricity had been running nonstop for almost three months. Now, the power company is threatening to shut off all power if the Gebli family can’t come up with $734.

“I would understand if it was my fault, if it was something that I did, but I had no control,” said Mohammed Gebli’s son Moe. “The police had control of the store. It was a crime scene.”

Hopefully Con Ed will realize what’s up and forgive the debt, but if they don’t–hey, at least this guy can sympathize.

(Photo: Grant Hutchinson/Flickr)