Though as of 5 a.m. today, there were still 226,000 Con Ed customers without power in Manhattan–along with 84,000 in Queens, 35,000 in Brooklyn, 54,000 in Staten Island, and 31,000 in the Bronx–a spokesman from the company said it hoped to restore electricity to all of the island by today. Speaking on Bloomberg Radio this morning, Robert McGee said the company has “made some¬†significant progress,” and that they “do hope to get all of Manhattan back by the end of the day today.”

The electrical company plans to have all of its networks in Manhattan operational by tomorrow, though its worth noting that damage to on-site equipment may keep power out at particular buildings, even if the grid switches back on.

UPDATE: Scratch that, says another Con Ed spokesman. The company plans on having power back to all of Manhattan by tomorrow, though it will be restoring two of its Lower Manhattan grids today. We knew it was too good to be true.

(Photo: erin m/Flickr)