There’s been a lot of talk around the Internet in the past couple days about how Google Vice President, that suave fox Marissa Mayer, has been named the CEO (that’s HBIC in laymen’s terms) of the dusty, grandmotherly corner of the internet known as Yahoo!. This appointment makes Mayer one of a small handful of women CEOs in Silicon Valley, and with her announcement that she’s pregnant, she may be the first pregnant CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Marissa Mayer kicks ass. This is just generally really cool news, strides for feminism, et cetera.

And one of the reasons this is such awesome unfolding of events is the fact that Yahoo! owns Flickr. You may have noticed that we here at ANIMAL use images from Flickr all the time. The feature image of this blog post is from Flickr. Flickr used to be an internet giant, and it had the potential to pretty much own the web. But it didn’t.

So we at ANIMAL are standing by Sean Bonner and his plea to Marissa Mayer to resurrect Flickr. The message is simple: “Please make Flickr awesome again,” and we applaud Bonner for taking the initiative rouse the Internet’s collective voice to say as one: C’monnnn!!! Please?

(Photo: NAME/Flickr)