Finally, you can get GPOY on your t-shirt! Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel have employed Kickstarter to launch their label, CONSTRVCT, a fashion line that’s kinda designed by you. With CONSTRVCT, you can take your favorite photographs (or illustrations, or drawings, or digital doodlings, or whatever) and make a unique, custom-made shirt or dress with your vacation photos all over your clothing. These New York-based designers are also behind some 3D printed fashion, so they have some experience with super-neato-high-tech sartorial innovations, and this new Instagram-ready concept is no different. And if you need more, know that the organic cotton jersey they use is sourced and sewn in the U.S., and your name is printed on the inside of the garment so everyone knows it was your design.

The Kickstarter expires in about two days, and they’re funded out the wazoo—but if you want a steep discount on a custom made dress, get in there. (Mine’s going to have my cats on it.)