Cooper Union Slightly Occupied

As of noon today, about a dozen (or less) Cooper Union students have barricaded themselves inside a building on the school’s campus to protest a plan to charge tuition for the first time ever. Historically, attendees have been granted a full scholarship, however, that 110-year tradition could be in jeopardy should the storied institution adopt this new pay model. The New York Times reports that the students are holding down the “eight eighth-floor room at the top of the Cooper Union Foundation Building” which is also referred to as the Clocktower, making it by far the coolest place to occupy. A banner calling for “Free Education” was draped out the window, attempts by maintenance workers to enter have been thwarted, and their @FreeCooperUnion Twitter handle has been broadcasting updates. ANIMAL is currently in touch with the resistance and has dispatched a crack editorial team to investigate the matter firsthand. (Photo: @FreeCoopterUnion)