Between running into a burning building to save a woman trapped inside last spring, his commitment to holding open office hours, and sending the single greatest tweet of Hurricane Sandy, Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s reputation as one of Americas coolest, most likeable politicians is firmly cemented.

This week, Booker continued to go above and beyond by inviting Newark residents who were left without power by Hurricane Sandy to sleep in his three-story house. “It meant–I can’t even explain,” said Alice Bell, one of Booker’s slumber partiers. “I mean, we were–I’m still overwhelmed that he would reach out to us like that, you know, that we meant that much that he actually invited the whole block.”

While the Mayor’s block didn’t lose electricity in the storm, much of the surrounding neighborhood did. So, like the mensch he is, Booker took to Twitter to invite his fellow Newarkers to stay with him. He provided his guests with a full floor of his house, a bevy of movies for the kids–Spider-ManHappy Feet, that kind of thing–and a meal of chicken, fish, macaroni, candied yams, and corn bread.

The mayor himself, however, was too busy with storm relief to enjoy much of the slumber party. “He’s still out running about, doing his thing, picking up prescriptions for medication for people, delivering Pampers and he’s in and out constantly,” said Bell. “He came in for maybe–I don’t know if he slept or not. He was in and out.”

(Photo: Anne White/Flickr)