Could Mexico Legalize Weed?

Earlier this month, Mexican lawmaker Fernando Belaunzaran submitted a proposal that would legalize the growth, sale, and recreational use in his country. Inspired by the recent strides towards legalization in the U.S., Belaunzaran believes now is the time to change Mexico’s drug policies–and was apparently also enlightened by some late-night TV viewing. “Comedy shows with really high ratings in the United States make light of smoking marijuana,” he recently told the Dubuque Telegraph Herald. “Nothing is more stupid, in my opinion, than hanging on to this out-of-date paradigm. It is a cultural rout.”

Uruguay, whose president recently called for legalization, may also get pot soon as well. It’d be great if some nudging from our neighbors to the south persuaded our own lawmakers to start heading towards more widespread legalization–but hey, at the very least, Mexico City is just a 44-hour ride away.