New Yorkers Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene were arrested in their West Ninth Street apartment over the weekend when police found a stash of weapons, homemade explosive materials, and a stack of bomb-making instructions labeled the “Terrorist Encyclopedia.” There’s no word on whether the couple had plans for a specific attack.

Gliedman, who is nine months pregnant with Greene’s baby, is the daughter of a “prominent city doctor,” and Greene is described by the New York Post as an Occupy Wall Street activist.

The contraband found included the explosive chemical HMTD–so dangerous the cops evacuated several nearby buildings, according to the Post–a flare launcher, a 12-gauge shotgun, ammo, and several high-capacity magazines. The “Terrorist Encylopedia” contained instructions about creating improvised bombs and guns, among other things.

(Photo: Joseph Nicola/Flickr)