Robert Lederman has been selling his art and defending those who do for a very long time. He and his watchdog group A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists’ Response to Illegal State Tactics), having recently sounded off on the forthcoming bike share program, are now taking on the City’s inconsistent policies towards buskers in parks. On June 28th, the Southern District Court of New York will hear a case from Lederman in his group- arguing that the City’s position that “essentially states performing artists can do whatever they want and visual artists cannot” in City parks. Lederman argues that this is in direct contradiction of the June 2010 law regarding vendors of expressive content. “The first sentence of that law says that anybody soliciting a donation is an expressive matter vendor and that they therefore have to follow all the rules. We’re saying that if the city’s position applies to one group, it should apply to both.”

(Photo: flickr4jazz)