“The coyote expansion might be a good thing, some reason, because the animals prey on a pest that most New Yorkers tend to hate: rodents. Coyotes may also be competing with other animals like raccoons for food resources. This may help dampen an overpopulation of raccoons, Mr. Weckel said.”
Coyotes are easing their way into the city, traveling in packs of three or four, killing rats. Occasionally in Manhattan. But mostly in the Bronx’s relatively verdant areas such as Van Cortlandt Park and Pelham Bay Park, which are pretty much like Yosemite compared to much of the middle boroughs. This might be a good time to remind that coyotes are not really that scary, more like skinny little dogs who will spend a lot of effort to avoid snapping at you. You may remind me I thought this was a good thing until Manhattan is overrun with coyote as London was infested by foxes. (Image: Todd Ryburn/FLICKR)