Crack Team Of Ocean Hill Seniors Takes On Pedestrian Safety

07.25.12 Andy Cush

More than 50 senior citizens living in East Brooklyn’s Ocean Hill neighborhood have banded together to take control of pedestrian safety in their area. Led by the faith organization East Brooklyn Congregations, the group started administering their brand of vigilante justice five months ago, investigating the safety of various streets and intersections and reporting their findings to the Department of Transportation. They’ve documented 82 issues thus far, including traffic lights that turn red too quickly for some residents to cross the street and curb cuts that drop people outside of crosswalks.

“We are a bunch of foot soldiers,” says Blanche Romey, a particularly badass member of the group, in a MetroFocus clip. “We want it now, and we deserve it.” Resident Ellen Haywood elaborates, comparing their pedestrian situation to the classic video game Frogger.

Prompted by the East Brooklyn Congregation volunteers, the Department of Transportation has begun an investigation of three traffic light complaints in Ocean Hill, with more investigations expected in the fall. March on, o elderly purveyors of righteousness for all pedestrians, march on.

(Photo: hunter.gatherer/Flickr)