The Ray Kelly, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo were all in favor of the decriminilzation of public possession of small amounts of weed, citing the increasing incarceration of minorities as a result of stop-and-frisk. But the GOP was having none of it. Sad face.

Cuomo responded to the GOP in a radio interview. “I believe when they’ve done well this past 18 months, it’s because they have been the party of the moderate Republican Party,” he said.

“I don’t believe this state will tolerate a party that caters to the extreme ultra conservative side of the party. That’s not what that this state does.”

Of the more than 50,000 marijuana-related arrests in New York, about 9 in 10 occurred in NYC.

The New York Times reported that

“in addition to the marijuana bill, Mr. Cuomo and lawmakers had not been able to reach agreements on disclosure rules for teacher evaluations and on a requirement that college and high school coaches report possible acts of sexual abuse to law enforcement. Lawmakers were also unable to reach agreement on proposals to raise the state’s minimum wage and to create a system of public financing for elections.”

Gabriel Sayegh, the state director in New York for the Drug Policy Alliance, the advocacy group that calculated stop-and-frisk statistics commented on the bill’s failure.

“I’ve been working in Albany for almost 10 years, and I can’t recall a moment when law enforcement has said, ‘We want to have this changed,’ and the Republican Party leaders in the Senate and the Conservative Party are basically saying that they don’t want to do it,” he said. “This is yet another example of how profoundly backward and dysfunctional this place is.”

For some reason, the next time lawmakers are in session is in January, which strikes us as odd, but whatever check out this sad cat pic.

(Photo: Nick Ellis/Flickr)