Curiosity Rover Roundup: High-Res Descent Video And NASA’s Social Network, “Spacebook”

08.23.12 David Lumb

Yes, the video is running at 3x speed and is a cleaned-up version of this video with thumbnails spliced in where Curiosity left gaps, but that skycrane-empowered roller coaster ending is awesome. In other space news–Spacebook. Exactly as it says on the tin, Spacebook is a professional network (read: invite only) for folks in the space biz to swap stories and expertise.

Yes, they’re teaching NASAfolk new to social media how to make, y’know, message and chat groups. But most of these guys probably got Ph.D’s before you graduated from diapers. Their equations allow a man-made bundle of gizmos to rocket off Earth and land inside a 12-mile target 150 million miles away. YIKES. While you’ve been Facebook chatting your way through lectures, these spacenerds have been developing the next Mars mission, InSight, that will launch in 2016 and go INTO Mars. CRAZY.