You may remember a few years ago, when artist Ernesto Neto’s cumin- and saffron-filled pantyhose filled the Park Avenue Armory with a multi-chambered, multi-sensory experience that included an adult ball pit, fragrant bean bag chairs, and hidden passages. In his new exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, “Slow iis goood,” Neto is at it again, though he has left behind the sacks of spices, favoring intricate crochet nets (no pun intended) in alluring colors.

Neto continues to play with weight and verticality: in the same way enmeshed spices bobbed from the Park Avenue Armory’s cathedral ceiling in 2009’s “anthropodino,” “Slow iis goood” offers the visitor pendulous crocheted pod-like hammocks that nearly beg to be explored tactilely. From within the rainbow cocoons, the visitor is invited to look at the white walls of the gallery through a lens of bright colors and molecular patterns. A few minutes spent suspended in Neto’s playful sculptures is all it takes to see that while “anthropodino” was celebrating the wide open space of the Park Avenue Armory, “Slow iis goood” is illustrating the potential for a cozy intimacy within the gallery space. “Slow iis goood” Ernesto Neto, April 14 – May 25, 2012, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York