CYCLE’s “Myth, Science, Color” Exhibit

On Thursday, Bushwick’s Weldon Arts opens a solo exhibit featuring the work of graffiti writer turned fine artist CYCLE. The show, entitled “Myth, Science, and Color” is a “trip through time and unconscious thought,” through a place “where the realities of nature blend with surrealistic imagery of the mind” and “fact meets imagination.”

The show is a marked departure from the CYCLE’s vandalistic roots into space where chemical orbs and dinosaurs roam. He’s not much concerned with the NYC graffiti scene anyway, saying:

I only vaguely follow what is going on in the NYC graffiti scene now. I could not tell you who is most up or who the new kids are. I do know graffiti in NYC is not what it was when I started. It use to be underground and dangerous. There was no Internet, no magazines or books, no special paints or inks. You had to actually go out and explore to figure things out. The quality and quantity of what was being done back then was also better. I honestly don’t see much new stuff in New York that inspires me. The people that inspired me back when I started still inspire me now.

“Myth, Science, and Color,” CYCLE, Nov 15 – Dec 6, Weldon Arts, Brooklyn